Netcomm NF18ACV setup

Level 3

I am currently using Huawei HG659 supplied by TPG.  I have another spare modem which is Netcomm NF18ACV.  Are the setup the same as HG659?  I remembered there might be some differenct such as the VLAN ID number.  Can anybody tell me the correct way to set it up to replace the Huawei modem?

Level 2

FYI Googled settings for my new Netcomm NF18ACV modem for TPG NBN Fibre to the Node (FTTN). Finally found only via 'TPG community' that changing 'Custom VLAN Tag' from -1 to 2 has worked. Modem now running well back at previous NBN speeds ~10 to 11 mbps near Fremantle WA.