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New Internet Connection Problem

Level 2

Your NBN technician already came at my property and installed hardware for the new connection and tried to connect to internet service but he could not do that. He told me that, there is some issue can be fix by our technician online. When i call them next day TPG customer executive said, they got an update from NBN says, there is blockage line at my property so they need to do some work to fix issue. I have been talking to them since 1 months and there is still no update. I already contacted to TPG service center and then they told me to contact with NBN co. So I contacted them and they said we should talk about this to TPG. How can I sove this probelm ?? If you can no solve this problem I should have to cancel your service and contact with other provider. Please contact me and give some answers. Thank you.


Hi @mehulpatelk152


Let's confirm if another tech visit is required for your service. Send in your TPG account details via PM so we can check your account.