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No FTTC internet connection

Level 1a
All NBN box lights are on, everything appears connected correctly. The modem lights for 2.4 and 5G are on, but not the internet light and I can connect to the wifi on my devices but no actual internet connection - nothing will load. Please help?

Hi @scarrington8905


For customers who would like to check the status of their service installation/activation, we have created this community article, which contains a video onHow to track your TPG service installation


We also send an email notification once the service is activated. If you have received this email and the service is still not working, we recommend to check if the equipment is properly set up by going to this link : NBN Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) Setup Guide


In your case, your NBN FTTC is awaiting activation and requires the equipment set up in order for the service to work.



Level 1a
Hi Basil,

I have been repeatedly checking the status of my service delivery - it has not changed.

I have received multiple text messages telling me my service is awaiting activation and requires equipment set up, even though my equipment is already set up exactly as instructed. I have triple checked the Setup Guide to make sure of this.

Repeated resets of the equipment have not achieved anything. All lights showing on the NCD but not internet light on the modem. What should I do?
Level 1a
I have been trying to talk to the tech support chat service for over a week now. I try multiple times a day, every day, but it repeatedly says “our team members are currently serving other customers. Please try again later.” The one day I finally made it through the queue after 4.5 hours of waiting, the tech support staff member closed the chat in the 2 minutes it took me to retrieve my customer ID number from email. I appreciate that these are crazy times and we are all having to make adjustments, but we all need to be able to work from home where possible and this level of tech support is really not sufficient. My equipment is set up exactly as instructed and still is not working. Please help as soon as you are able.