No NBN connection box

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Hey so I’ve received the email saying that my NBN is active and I have received a new modem but there is no NBN connection box. Has anyone else had similar problems? and if so let me know if they fixed it.

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Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your CID (customer identication number) or your mobile phone number so can look at this service for you Smiley Happy




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Okay , ive had a look at your service and i can see that it is infact FTTN NBN so in this instance you do not require ANY further devices or equipment other than the TPG supplied NBN compatable modem you have. 


Your new FTTN NBN connection utilizes part of the exsisting copper telephony network and provided you have isolated all existing or redundant equipment from out of all and any sockets in the premises so nothing is plugged in except the modem we supplied you..



Make sure this modem is plugged in and setup to the guidelines of the instructions included in the box, then given the status of your installation being in the completed stage you should then get your new service working.


For your convienince i have included a few links below just incase to help you get started Smiley Happy

Read our TPG Community article on how to set up your NBN FTTN service. The video is followed by a step by step guide.



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Thanks for your help. I followed the instructions in the video and waited the 15mins then another 15mins but the Internet indicator hasn’t turned green yet. Does it usually take longer? We’ve tried turning it off for 10seconds then back on again it still nothing.

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Okay , thats okay .. well if you are confident that you have set it up correctly and have no other phones filters  alarm systems etc and nothing else but the modem plugged in then we may have to manually configure and authenticate the modem ..


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I’ve followed the steps you messaged but still nothing.

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Okay, are you sure the username and the password are correct? could you get into the modem and into the the blue edit box symbol and tell me after you click on that what is present in the username and password field


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