No NBN connection device

Level 1a

Like many others, I have received 3 messages to activate my service by plugging my modem in. However, I've only received the modem and not the NBN connection device; and none of the instructions suggest it can be done without it. If there is still another step that has to happen such as an installation appointment, I haven't been told of it. Help? I've emailed customer service twice now with no response, I can't get onto the online chat, and there's no phone number to call. Frustrating...

Level 1a

Hi again. I have just worked out from another comment on this thread that the NBN connection device might be already in a dwelling, left there after the previous occupant moves out - and I've found mine, hidden in a cupboard! I am up and running! So no need now for contact. But it would have been useful for this possibility to be suggested to me.

Regards, Heather