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No internet green light on modem

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NBN not working. Everything is connected correctly but the NBN modem internet light is not on.

  1. when I try and connect to the modem via wireless the modem name comes up but says you don't have internet.
  2.  NBN case Manager said the issue is not NBN but with TPG . Tried Tech assist for the past 3 days and cannot get through online


Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your CID (customer identification number) or UN (Username) or your mobile phone number.


So I can check this service for you.


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Hi@ Bofinator,


I located your service.

Have tested NBN side all passing, it looks like a modem issue.


If you can check the modem has your TPG username & password programmed into it.


1) Connect to the modem by Ethernet cable or WiFi.

2) In the top of the browser enter  to connect to modem UN/PW is admin / admin (if default)

3) Once logged into modem Under tab Advanced select Network then follow the guide below.


Please find an attached link for a guide to help you configure your modem.

If yours is not VR1600, procedure will be similar.