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Not using a splitter how when it is wired in permanently

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Your set up instructions say 

Important! Do not use a line filter/splitter (from your old ADSL service) when plugging in the Network Connection Device..


What do you have to do when splitter is wired into 2 phone jacks one for internet and 1 for phone?


See photo enclosed




Hi @ehrlichw,


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The instruction is correct for NBN service you are no longer required to use a Filter/Splitter for NBN-FTTN,FTTC, or TPG-FTTB.


All these information are available on this article below.


In your case, the wall socket you posted is the old type 610 socket which requires a 610-Adapter for the modem/router to connect.

On the other hand, if you have received the modem/router for your NBN service we recommend not to set it up for now and use the current ADSL2+ modem/router as the installation is still in progress, an NBN technician is scheduled to visit the premises to complete the installation.