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Plan upgrade done but nothing changed

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I was on nbn 12m and did an upgrade to the new nbn 50.

speed test shows no difference both on about 10 at same time about 6 pm.

whats the go tpg?

$10 more a month for nothing?

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Get ready for the long wait..on my 4th buisness day of waiting for my plan change from 25 to 50, after 4 phone calls still no explanation why so long, was promised will put through urgent request and would be 24 hours ...26 hours ago...Waiting waiting...

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Just got an email saying it was done, speed still the same.

i rebooted the nbn modem and bingo hit 47m first test.


try a reboot should work

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You lucky .........i just got a call telling me its a nbn issue and they will monitor it for me, still no time frame.

No use doing a reboot told its not been changed yet ..waiting waiting..Smiley Sad

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It is very inconsistant.

most of the time it varys from 12 to 30m

only seen it once anywhere 50

also likes to hover around 5 sometimes.


I doubt it is anything to do with tpg, more likely nbn supply.


nbn users all over the country complain to various isp,s about inconsistant speeds.


our glorious leader , whatshisname, turnbull, even said nbn should never have been built

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nbn is garbage they blame TPG then TPG blame them,  got a call yesterday about my plan change they said issues with nbn or it could be us (TPG). Been waiting since 14th December, 21st today. I suppose im am lucky i have the internet after having nothing for 5 weeks.


Hi @jownzee & @raymp,


We'd like to help and see what's happening on both of your cases.


Kindly PM me your account details (username/customer ID or contact number associated with the account).


I'll have this checked.



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Havnt had a drop out for a couple of weeks now.

The spped seems to have setled down.

Always around 45 down when i check it and 26 up.

No complaints if it stays that way

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I just moved from the NBN25 to the NBN50 today, the small drop out while they updated was a little annoying after being told there would be no drop out but when I do a speedtest there has been no improvement on my download respose, upload has increased but nothing in download.




Hi @Masteryoda2u,


Welcome to the community!


Thanks for raising this. What speed are you getting now? Would it be possible for you to post the speed test result?