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Plugged in NBN box and modem but have no internet access

Level 2

Hi all, NBN box and modem arrived last Thursday and I plugged in as per instructions. Left it for 30 mins and still no internet. Accessed the status online and it says 'Installation is Progressing'. Now looking through the various similar issues on these boards it would seem that I need remote support.

Lights on the NBN box are power and the one immediately next to it flashing intermittently (the last two lights haven't come on at all) and on the modem/router most lights are on except the two relating to internet access.

Guys, I'm sure everyone is in the same boat here but my ADSL is now not available (won't reconnect for some reason which I tried when this drama appeared to not be ending) and my wife needs to work from home for health raesons as she is high risk. As such - can someone associated with the TPG support team get this resolved for me urgently please? Steve