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Poor internet and customer service

Level 2
The customer service of TPG is simply a waste of time!
They provide very poor internet service with frequent dropouts. When I contact the technical support, the woman promises that they will solve the problems quickly and ask technicians to contact me. She even asked me to take notice of my mobile, because the technicians will call me.
I received a short message from TPG saying that the problem is solved.
However, it is not! We don’t have internet access again tonight, with no call from technicians, no explanations of what’s happening and no email replies of my reported issue.
How can you be so rude to customers who paid a decent amount of money every week? Will you refund us the money for the days that you failed to provided the internet service you are obliged to?
Very poor internet service and rubbish technical support!

Hi @Dandreaming, we have also received your post on a separate thread and we have replied to it.


Please check our response here:


Thank you.