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Port Forwarding with NBN Arma 3

Level 2

So I am trying to host an ARMA 3 server however need to port foward ports 

  • TCP:
  • UDP: 2302-2305

However with the tp-link router I have no idea how to port forward other than get to the NAT Forwarding  area.. Some pls help...


Thank you in advance....



Level 15

Hi @RobertHonti . There's 3 things to do for port forwarding.

Give your server a fixed ip address on your home network (outside dynamic pool of router), eg., so that the server is always the address in the forwarding rule.

Set up Dynamic DNS so you can find your home network from the internet, even when your public ip address changes. Create an account with DDNS provider (think of a name to call your network), then do the setup on your router.

In NAT Forwarding, select Virtual Servers. Use + to add rules. 

Don't worry about Service Type.

External Port: 2302

Internal IP: the fixed ip address of the server

Internal Port: 2302

Protocol: UDP

Repeat for each port and protocol combination.