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Possible fault at node - Port Macquarie

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Wanted see if there is a possible intermitent service fault at the node for Pettit St Port Macquarie area. A couple of days ago I came to visit my parents (also TPG customers) living in the area. Some time after I arrived they told me that internet service/speeds have not been great (FTTN) and since I have been here I have noticed a number of network drops occuring. I have looked at their home network config and cant see anything out of the ordinary there but I have, however, noticed a series of almost uniform network events across surrounding wifi networks, across multiple cariers via a basic WiFi signal/service monitoring tool.

As these events appear to hit everyone at the same time regardless of the carier or time of day I am thinking there maybe an issue at the node and hoping we could get it sussed. I uploaded a couple of example screen shots for reference. p.s these networks are spreed across multiple channels as well, so not a case of interference.


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A little bit of further info for troubleshooting. Which is a bit specy in detail from nbnco.



Hi @Piklz,


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Thanks for reaching out to us and we're sorry about the trouble encountered on your parent's account. We'd like to help and resolve this issue. Can you please send us a Private message with your parent's account details? We look forward to working this with you. Thanks>



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Hi, no worries will hopefully have those across to you later today.