Level 2

i messaged serveral people for cancellation/refund and they keep stalling me over and over wasting my time by giving me replies such as we need to review what exactly is there to review i wasnt provided with any service at all and the technician you guys sent me never did his job properly and caused a issue with which u guys stalled out the installion and never got back to me with what the nbnco was going to do about it so i decided to get a refund and cancellation which my casemanager told me should take a maximum 24/48hrs and that i would get all my money back since no work was done installed or internet used and also told me all i had to do was return the modem which i have the address for and am going to do.

im asking that someone get back to me with what is happening and please stop stalling me with no answer i just want my money back and am sick and tired of this treatment always having to wait on hold while calling for answer or server days for online replies to my email i dont have time to be chasing after this and calling in without getting any results, i would like a answer with a date of when my account will be refunded.


Hi @ArianK, we apologise for the inconvenience this issue is causing you and we'd like to help get to the bottom of this.


As per checking, the assessment/account review has been completed, but our Escalations Team is still waiting for further updates regarding the refund request.


We're expecting to receive this by Tuesday, 29/January/2019 before close of business day.


We'll chase this matter with the team and will closely monitor the case.


Hi @ArianK, we can see that our Escalations Team has been in touch and discussed the status of the refund.


Should you require further assistance, feel free to message us. Cheers!

Level 1a

The same thing has happend to me - its apalling customer service!! How many times do you have to call?? They are dismissive and just keep passing you on to someone else - who also can not help. I have lodged formal complaint - lets see if that helps!! The error is on their side - why should it always have to go to review? Just process the refund already!


Level 1c
Did your problem get refunded or resolved I'm in the same situation
Feel scammed from a big company