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Requiring activation of service

Level 1a
Hi there,
I had my new modem and nbn connection device delivered to my house. I have all devices plugged in and turned on, all blue lights are on a devices are in working order. I was told to call TPG once this had been arranged and set up for them to turn on and active the service in my new home. Please have someone turn on my service as I spend 1 hour on hold yesterday for the line to then be cut off. Then tried to get through multiple times and now the call lines to TPG are off all together. There are people in our home who require the internet for Uni and work so it is necessary for it to be set up ASAP. Please have someone contact me directly. Kindest regards, Amy.
Level 1a
I believe it is the remote activation that is required. My CID:6590485.Thank you