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Since using Archer Router VR1600v I cannot access a device a solar inverter on my network

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I previously had a Telstra modem with my SOLAX solar inverter connected to the network.

When I examine the network map in Archer VR1600v the device does not show

It is enabled in my Norton firewall and I can ping it in wondows command mode but it will not allow it to be seen on the network or connect to the internet.


Hi @Tonysant . How did you know the address to ping the Solax? Does it display its ip address?

The network map doesn't display any devices unless you click Wireless clients or Wired clients.

Unless you have allocated a fixed ip address to the Solax, its ip address may be different from what it was on Telstra router.

Is the Solax supposed to connect to a website?

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Dear David,

when I was fist disconnected I contacted Solax and the device was able to display the address. My IT support Itis Care have been able to connect my Orbi router and have discovered an unknown IP,

This may require a reset of the device and if possible I will try to assign a static address so as to avoid periodic reconfiguration. Each time the DHCP sets a new address I need to update the firewall which is tiresome.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Networks are great when they work.

Solax device connects to a web portal that displays performace parameters in my browser.

I dont recall the previous IP address.