Slow speed NBN-50

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I just switched my TPG service to NBN50 and have been incredibly disatisfied with the unacceptable download and upload speeds I am getting. 


Plan: NBN50

Download Speed: 5-30Mbps (speed of me/speed test .net) 

Upload Speed: 2-16Mbps (speed of me/speed test .net) 

Issue: I have been using NBN50 for just under a week and have been getting internet speeds well under what is offered by TPG. I have run both wired and wifi tests using speed of me and and have not received speeds anywhere near the 40+Mbps download speed promised on the NBN50 plan. I have a Google Nest wifi installed and have tried both wired and wifi tests (desktop, iPhone, iPad, and laptop) with similar results. 


As a number of other posts indicate, if I use TPG speed tests it appears that I have no problems, however my personal experience indicates otherwise. The speedofme independent tests have shown speeds more aligned with your NBN12 plan and I am wondering when I will get the speeds that I am paying for? 


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The case has been raised to our Engineering team for further investigation and an assigned Engineer will be in touch with you via SMS or phone call within 24 to 48 hours as soon as an update becomes available.


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