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Solid DSL light on but No internet.

Level 2
Hi my internet was working fine this morning then all of a sudden it stopped working!!
I have called up TPG and they said i need to wait 24 hours?

I have reset the modem etc and the DSL light is solid but no internet light, could someone please kindly assit me

Thank you

Hi @vgeorgas ,


Thanks for raising this to us. If the modem/router can get a solid DSL light this means it is now connected to the network however since a Factory Reset was done you may need to reconfigure or re-enter the TPG Username/Password on the modem's user interface settings. 


Here is a list of guide that you may find helpful. 


List of all TPG broadband setup and modem guides on Community 


We also did an articles that you may find helpful on connection to the Wi-Fi. 

Retrieving Wi-Fi Password on TPG Modems 

How to Connect to Your Wi-Fi network 


Let us know how it will go and should you require further assistance.








Level 2

Hi thank you for your reply...I have done all that with the guidance of TPG on the phone this morning and still waiting.... they sent me an sms text msg saying it will be fixed by tomorrow but i will wait and see.... i highly doubt it though...

Hi @vgeorgas, our Engineering Team is closely monitoring your account and the Case Engineer will be in touch through SMS or phone call for any additional updates.