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Speed doesn't change after NBN plan upgrade

Level 2

Hello TPG Support,


I found no increase in speed after upgraded from NBN12 to NBN25.

I have already received a comfiormation email on the plan upgrade completion and the new plan is already shown in my TPG account.


However, the Internet speed is exactly the same as before: up to 12 Mbps download, 3-4 Mbps upload

I've alredy reboot my modem and run test for the past couple of hours, the speed is still consistent at 12 Mbps.

My model is Netcomm N300 Wifi Gigabit Router - NF12 which is about 8 years old.

Please advise on how I can reach upgraded speed. 


Hi @ellielim,


Let's have a look at your account. Please send us a private message and we'll go from there. 



Level 2

I had an n300 supplied by TPG long ago. It was adequate to ge you going on  day 1.   Do your self a favor, and upgrade your wi-fi router to comething better.  it made a massive difference to me