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TPG HFC Modem and Google NEST (not Wifi)

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Hi All,


I have a TPG HFC connection with a Arris CM8200 modem and a TP-link 1600v Router.


I purchased the lastest Google Nest product which is a router and mesh device. I understand that the Google Nest router does not support VLAN, which is an element of the HFC modem. 


Is there a work around that will allow me to use the the Google Nest product, or have I bought an expensive paperweight?


Please note this question is specific to the google NEST product released 8/19, NOT the earlier google WIFI product.



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SImply turn off the wifi on the TP-Link modem, then connect an ethernet cable from the WAN port on the Nest router to a LAN port on the TP-Link. This post covers the process in more detail (is for a Google Wifi but the process will still be the same).


For what it's worth, this is what I have done and I am using a Google Wifi setup with an HFC connection with no issues.

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Yes thanks.

Figured this one out as well. Problem is the staff where I bought it and even the google support were trying to get me to plug it into the HFC modem, or trying to get me to use the tp 1600 but put my Username/password in again. I would have thought that with so many people in Australia using HFC with its various VLAN/NON-VLAN ISPs that there would have been some sort of awareness of the issue by either Google or TPG. But no, leave it to the community to fix it. For free.
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This only worked temporarlily for me. Eventually I got errors from Google about multiple DHCP servers. I tried turning DHCP off on the TPLink and lost my connection comp;etely. TPG support got me to do a factory reset on the TPLink and put it in bridge mode with pppoe, but that doesn't work with Google Nest. I still don't know what is wrong. Looks like I might have to trash the Google Nest. $350 odd up in smoke...