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TPG NBN Installation - I have no Coexisting Pay tv wall socket

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When I signed up i was told TPG will do the installation of wall socket. I explained i dont have a pay tv wall socket since i live in an old unit. What I have is adsl which is connected to my phone line. Also explained I cancelled Optus NBN as the technician came and said he cannot do it if i dont have a pay tv wall socket then left. Before I signed up with TPG i was informed the installation process will all be taken care off and it is part of service. I read the installation print out and there is no.mention of hiring private technician. Today i ring up TOG installation and one guy from Phils. Call centre said I was misinformed and it is not part of TPG service to do the drilling, installation of wall socket. I was surprised hearing this. My friends are with TPG and told me that when they had their NBN installed the technician run the cabling from nbn box made conduit thru their unit and installed the new wall socket.
I am now worried I will have the same results from Optus. I did have a recorded call when im signed up and was assured technician will do all the drilling etc. And dont need to worry.
Dont know if these Filipino call centre know what they are saying that TPG wont do this for me.
Just now i received an email regarding my rescheduled appointment with attached installation mention of private technician. Dont know anymore. Is there any TPG customer service here who can ckarify this issue. And read page 5 please

Hi @marineri2601 


Thanks for raising this with us.


We've checked your address with NBN Co and it is listed as Service Class 23. This means that the drop and wall plate is in place, but no NBN NTD box.


If you are unable to see any wall plate in the premises, then it will be checked by the attending NBN technician. They will assess your premises in order to perform the necessary installation that is needed to provide you the service.


We understand that the technician's appointment has been confirmed and further updates will be given once available.



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Dear BasilDV,
If you check my address it is NBN ready.  However, as I have mentioned before
 I don't have a wall plate in my unit.  I don't have the pay TV cabling/wall socket.
All I have is the telephone socket for my ADSL line.
This is what I explained to your sales team when I signed up.
Also I read your installation appointment guide and I fall on category - Premises with no existing PAY TV of Cable Broadband Network.
Please ensure that all works will be done on 7 August.
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