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Jayesh Here. I agreed to relocate my connection and go for NBN connection on 16/07/2019 in order to save the relocation fees. After prior informing I was given a date 24/07/2019 which was than rescheduled thrice by NBN. The latest date is 14/08/2019. I have 2 questions:

1) Why is TPG taking payment when I am not even utilizing the services?

2) I called twice to TPG both the time the customer representatives said they will get back to me but they haven't. One call was just today so I will still give Aldrin a chance but the other representative MJ has not yet got to me inspite of 4 days. Additionally, they recommend we dont have information or call NBN directly. My question is when I am paying you guys why should I call NBN?

3) From 16/08/2019 to 14/08/2019 almost 1 month I will not be using internet from TPG but will be paying for it what a great customer service.



Jayesh (04XXXXX in case someone wants to get back to me)


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Hi @jayesh25parab


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Thanks for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear that your installation experience has been less than favorable.


I was able to locate your account using your community details as reference. From what I gathered, you spoke to our Moving Home Team on July 11 for your request to relocate your service to a new address.  During the call, you were advised that your current billing cycle in the old address will continue until the service is installed at the new address.


As for your installation status, it appears that you have a booked technician appointment on August 14 for the installation. However, based on the response of NBNCo on the ticket that was raised by our Provisioning Team, they advised that you need to get a permission from Body Corp in order for them to proceed with the work that needs to be done. This was discussed with you earlier by our Provisioning Team as well. I understand that you requested for the NBN technician to be the one to request for the permission. Although I can see that the Provisioning Officer you spoke to, raised it back to a Case Manager for your request, just a heads up though, body corp/ building permissions are usually requested by the homeowners. So it's possible that NBNCo will insist that the homeowner will still be the one to request for the said permission. Further updates pertaining to your installation will be provided to you directly by a Case Manager.



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It not be installed as of now and no surprise its 14/08/2019. You never forget to direct debit the charges then how is this delay from your side. The NBN technician came and said the internet provider did not correctly specify a place and they have installed the board at the wrong place and I will have to call them again to do the job. I had to take a leave for it and you good for nothing people cannot do anything. Do you think we should keep on taking leaves for your mistakes. There is no communication between you and NBN and because of that the customers are suffering. Everytime I call there is just one thing your people say and that is we are escalating the tickets. Even after raising the incident I did not got a early date and you guys are just puppets in the hands of NBN. Can you please call me at 416378674 instead of replying here. Sorry please reply here as well because the community should know how pathetic, bad and disgusting your service is. And on top of that you keep the stupid contracts because of which we can move to other providers.

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And your case officers are of no use they dont have updates and they dont know the process as well. All they say is contact NBN. Additionally, I have spent another 5 hours on your stupid customer number for which agian guess what I am not getting paid.

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And when you people are asked to provide information in writing you guys do not have any concrete answers. Following is the attached email from your team. And Congragulations to me because I have worked in TPG for a day as I almost completed my 8hrs on customer service (unpaid obviously). For anything else please contact NBN we are here to provide internet service is the standard answer. From which I conclude you are here only to collect payments.



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Additionally I am here to get my internet working and not for stupid ranks. What I am suppose to do with this stupid rank?


We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this service installation issue is causing you, @jayesh25parab. We have escalated your concern to our Provisioning Team and a case manager will contact you to discuss the outcome of the technician visit.


Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please send it via PM.


We understand how inconvenient to pay for a service that you are not getting as we are customers as well. We'll monitor this case and we'll keep you posted for updates where possible.



We can see that our Provisioning Team has been in touch and discussed the concerns raised, @jayesh25parab.


The team is still monitoring the case and the case manager will contact you once a new update becomes available.

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They said they will contact me and tell me the exact date but as of now I have not heard anything from anyone. I just have a simple query who is at Fault if the NBN has connect the lines to a wrong house.

All I got from you guys is a email after that call stating the work is complex and you will require additional time to figure it out. So does it takes 1 month for you guys to figure whether the process is going to be complicated ? I am not making stories please find the attached email copy. And if that is the case please ask your organization to stop creating 18 months contracts because it going to close soon. And dont you guys have a alternate plan of providing ADSL connection and atleast I can have my internet working and then keep carrying out your complicated work of connecting a line for literally 50m. My house is literally 50 meters from the connection. I can share the photos I bet you wont ask. And for god sake dont appoint case officers because atleast 4 have already been appointed.

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And keep your apology to yourself. When compensation process starts I want to see what you compensate for. Does the increased stress levels, increased phone bills, leaves wasted on Technicians to visit premises included ? And for god sake stop sending the below attached mails. I dont care about your ranks so you can keep it to yourself.