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TPG call centre said I need private technician

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TPG installation guide page 5 clearly state that their technician will install coaxial wiring from nbn utility box to wall socket inside premises. See page 5. Nbn installer will provide nbn connection box and connect to wall socket.
Now your call centre advised me that i was misinformed. I need to get my own technician as it is not included on NBN connection. How come when i signed up i was assured all will be taken cared of i dont need a private technician. And to what i read on page 5 which im attaching TPG will cover everything.
Or i was misinformed by your call centre? If this is the case they need proper training.
Im so disappointed and i dont want to go through same process again with what i experienced with Optus. NBN technician walked away as Optus did not mentioning I will need a coexisting pay TV wall socket. All i have is my telephone wall socket for my adsl.

Today i mentioned this again i dont have a oay tv wall socket when i was confirming my NBN schedule for next week to make sure there are no issues as i was assured TPG will cover wverything the drilling etc.
The person I spoke to at the call centre said that is not the case... I will need a private technician. I read to him what was written on page 5 and now he is not sure but up to his knowledge TPG is not covering that.
Anyone there in TPG to answer this????
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Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your CID (customer identication number) or your mobile phone number so can look at this service for you Smiley Happy

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where can I PM you?


I had a reply from BasilDV  and said my area is service class 23. I don't think that is the case.

I'm with another provider for my ADSL and supposed to get an NBN connected but I have to cancel with my provider. NBN  technician came last week and told me he cannot do it and walked away. Reason - I don't have a wall socket in place.

NBN technician checked the hallway in the unit and saw some cabling. He said from those cabling a conduit must be done and run it inside the unit, and install the wall socket.  


I signed up with TPG instead , As for NBN installation guide I fall on Page 5, no existing pay TV or cable broadband network.


My account is same as my user name here.

7 August is my installation date and I aleady received TPG modem...I don't want to go thru this again that the technician will walk away. I was also assured by your sales team when I signed up everything will be taken cared of when I explained my situation. I even have my own recorded conversation, I listened to it again.


Your call centre from Philippines is giving wrong information that's why I was dismayed.

I read them page 5 of installation guide, how come your call centre doesn't know about this installation process, do they read it? It is cleary stated on page 5. Kept on insisting I was misinformed.

My friends highly recommended TPG for good service as explained to me I dont need to worry as everything will be taken cared of and will follow what is expected in installation guide as per the HFC printout.






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