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TPG got all my details incorrect and won't update them. How do I have them correct it?

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TPG got my name, email address and physical address wrong. Twice.


I've logged in to their customer portal and updated what I could however they've sent a modem to the wrong address and keep sending me email and text updates saying a technician will come to (not) my address. I updated all my details online 3 days before any installation confirmations too.


Phone support isn't working. I've sent emails to customer service, help desk and tech ops however I only get auto-replies saying they'll get back to me in 4 hours. It's been close to a week now. How do I get anyone to respond and fix this?


Oh and my username is johnthung18 (my name is John Chung).


HI Johnchung18



Welcome to TPG Community!

Please PM me your TPG username, CID or mobile phone number so I can look at your service



Can you please PM your adress.