NBN pre-order cancellation

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I am currently with TPG ADSL2+ & signed up to preorder for NBN last Saturday (5 April 2020). I would like to please cancel this pre-order.


I am waiting until I get feedback on the service provided in my area. Currently my ADSL2 is very slow, cannot have two people connected to wifi and forget about watching Netflix.


I dont want to have the same issue with NBN so please cancel my order and waiver. Once I get feedback my neighbours using TPG in my street I will sign up if it is good.


Also, I had questions and seems that it is impossible to contact TPG these days when it is most needed.


I just received a call to sign me up, but when I questioned how good the connection would be I was transferred. Then I just got a recorded messaged to go to the chat and the call was cut.





Hi maritza81,


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Have you check on NBN portal when the service will be available?. Normally it takes few months after the month on the service. If you decide to cancel the preorder I will advice you to check your account first.




And try to contact our Sevice delivery department.