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TPG throbbed me off for Years

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After 51 day been connected from ADSL to NBN I finely have been provided a active connection.
Well now this clearly should of not have been a lengthy time due to TPG treatment to customer (2731346)
It now comes down to TPG for years had throbbed me off over the complaints of my ADSL connection dropping out and saying its Telstra network and the distant from the exchange.
Well this now shows the drop outs was nothing to do with Telstra but a short connection that was provide by TPG , the same connection I complained about and TPG never did nothing about but blame Telstra infurstrure.
So if TPG had taken my complaints of my ADSL dropping out seriously, and the switch over to the NBN would of gone smoothly.
But no I had to pay for a service for 51 days that didn’t work, and its ALL TPG Fault.

TPG what are you going to do about the 51 Days I was not provided a service and had to take two Day off work for to be finely connected


Hi @2731346,


My apologies for the delay in getting the NBN service to finally work.


Our records show that your NBN service was installed on March 7. You contacted our Helpdesk on that same day because the service wasn't working even though it was just installed. It was then escalated to our Engineering Team but then the modem started working.


Your modem lost the connection on March 8 and the issue was re-escalated to our Engineering Team for further investigation. The initial tests did not detect any network issue that can be raised to NBNCo just yet, hence a TPG technician was scheduled to check your internal connection. The initial appointment was on March 20 but you requested to have it moved to March 22.


The TPG technician who went to your premises on March 22, found a possible network fault. Our Engineering Team, then raised the case to NBNCo. You were provided the earliest appointment date of March 27. However, you sent an SMS asking for an April 5 appointment instead. The appointment was rescheduled based on your SMS. On March 27, you contacted our Engineering Team and requested to move the appointment date to April 26.


After NBN technician repaired the line 2 days ago, I can see that your modem is now connected.


Our Engineering Team is still monitoring your connection and has attempted to contact you yesterday, but they were not able to reach you. An SMS was sent to you providing you information on how you can contact them back.


Send me a PM providing your best contact number and preferred time if you need our assistance in scheduling a call back from our Engineering Team.


As for your previous ADSL connection, I don't see any records on our end that you have contacted us for dropout concerns. In fact, the earliest record that we have is when you called us on March 7 about your NBN service.