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Two people can’t use NBN (50 plan) without lag

Level 2
I’ve paid extra to get the NBN 50 speed and yet when two people are using it at the same time, we get substantial lag to the point where one of us can’t use it.

We mainly use internet through ps4 including watching Netflix and playing online games but we have not had this problem before in another location.

The connection is fine, it’s just when the second person starts using it.
Level 15

Are your devices cabled to the router or use wifi?

Have you done a speed test on your devices, one at a time and both together? The speed test on tpg support page.

On NBN50, your max speed is under 50, the speed test result might only be 40 for a cabled computer and less again for wifi device.

As a test, how is your gaming on wifi if both devices are close to router?