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Unable to connect PC to the internet

Level 2
We have NBN HFC installed in our unit. I think it uses foxtel ports but could be wrong. Internet is showing as a solid green light on the modem. I can connect to WiFi on my phone and Mibox but PC is saying no internet access. I have a cord going from LAN1 to a D-LINK power line pass through box thingy. It's twin is in the room next door and has another cord going from the box to the back of the computer. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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We were able to locate the account using your community details and can detect that the internet is properly working.


If you are using a Power line adapter, you need to make sure that the internal power line is linked with each other. There should be some light indicator on your adapter that will inform you that it is connected to each other and has an internet connection. You may check the instructions that come with your device package.


If it's still not working after completing the steps or instructions that is indicated with it. You may contact the manufacturer of the device to further check if it is faulty.


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