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Unable to connect or disconnect service, nothing done after numerous calls

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I am at a loss and don’t know what to do. My housmate has signed up our plan but due to her needing to work I need to make contact at this point as due to your poor service getting connected has become something like a full time job that never seems to end. Our property is nbn ready but for whatever reason tpg was not able to connect our service despite claims of us already being connected, needing a new modem, being able to use our existing modem, every person we spoke to had a different story and apparently no solid information. after nearly two weeks of promises from customer service that were not fulfilled or even actioned despite our multiple pleas for assistance due to my needing the internet for work and now being unable to pay my rent this week as we are still not connected, we attempted to cancel our service last Friday morning and are now unable to even get connected with a new company bc the service is still pending to our address. We have been calling all weekend and every service representative has promised us that the internet will be disconnected in various ranges of 5-10 minutes to a few hours. The service is still not disconnected after 3 days and we cannot get online until it is. The last customer service representative my housemate spoke to said they would disconnect us while on the phone and then simply hung up. We received and automated email asking us to lodge yet another query for whatever reason. I am absolutely shocked and will be contacting consumer affairs if this is not fixed by tomorrow. Not only have they not connected us we now can’t connect at all and on top of it all they have charged us for the month we have not been connected. The audacity. Any assistance with how to action this further that does not include calling the same call centre that has done absolutely nothing so far would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Jsw1994, 


Thanks for writing to us. We'd like to take a closer look on your friend's account to determine the issues being encountered for this NBN order. Kindly PM to us the TPG customer ID or account username and the account holder's contact details. 

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