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Unable to set up wi fi modem router however can connect to the internet via direct ethernet cable

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My wifi router suddenly stopped working yesterday.  I tried everything, reset the router, use the set up wizard but no success.  I thought it might be the router so bought a new dlink dsl 3890 router.  Same thing, unable to get the wi fi going. However I am able to connect my laptop to the internet if I connect it directly via ethernet cable to the NBN box.  I spent the whole day troubleshooting, calling TPG (np resolution, asked me to contact Dlink, no resolution as well), trying to chat (no sucess).  I am on the verge of giving up and maybe just sign with another provider.  My old router was D link as well.  Hopefully someone can help me.



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What type of NBN connection do you have?

Some routers have a pushbutton to turn wifi on or off. Otherwise, it has to be enabled in the router configuration.

Can you upload a picture showing the cable connections of the router and NBN box and wall socket?


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