Undelivered Modem

Level 2

We signed onto a TPG NBN account for a rental property in which we moved into on the 10th of July, our modem was scheduled to be delivered by a courier whose system says that someone signed for the delivery at the property on the 9th of July - the house had no tenant at that time and both the real estate agent and neighbours confirm noone at the property, therefore we assume that the courier left the package unattended on the front step with no actual recipient signing to accept the package. 


My househouse and I work from home and have had no internet for a week, additionally queries with TPG and the courier have resulted in no outcome except a 'blame game', we have paid $200 for a TPG service, can we get a modem delivered to our property ASAP or at the very least be able to pick up a modem so that we are able to work from home during lockdown?


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