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Comparing my current ADSL2+ with NBN12

Level 2
Level 2

I am trying to compare my current ADSL2+ with NBN12 before I make a switch. I am currently using ADSL2+ Home Bundle 100GB and wanting to move to NBN12 100GB.

  1. Does NBN12 100GB have the same download and upload speeds as my ADSL2+? I couldn't find this information anywhere.
  2. For NBN, do I need a new modem or can I re-use my existing ADSL modem?
  3. NBN12 100GB plan says there is unlimited local and national calls included. I understand I have to pay $20 prepayment. So what is the call rate? It doesn't mention it.
  4. Does it come with a static IP?


Level 15

The 100GB plan is 50GB peak, 50GB off-peak.


1. NBN12 has download speed of 11.2 Mbps typical evening speed (max is 12Mbps) and max upload of 1Mbps but probably a bit less. If you are connected to NBN by FTTN, these speeds are reduced somewhat by your distance to the "node". Your ADSL router can tell you the physical connection speed (down and up) between your router and the exchange. Your ADSL speed may well be higher than this NBN plan. (You can check the ADSL2+ coverage maps on TPG website.)


2. NBNCo provides a network connection device (NCD) for the particular physical connection at your address. TPG provides a wifi router to connect to the NCD. You would have to check the specifications of your ADSL router to see if it compatible with NBN.


3. $20 is for calls outside the "included calls". Calls to 13/1300 are not included. Nor are calls to mobiles. The rates are on the web site with the various plans. 


4. Residential plans have dynamic ip. If you have to reconnect for any reason, you will probably get a new address. Business plans have a static ip.