Urgent need of contact

Level 2
I upgraded to the NBN network from ADSL with NBN about 2 weeks ago. TPG supposedly sent me a modem and proceeded to change my connection to NBN. I haven’t received my modem and have been without internet for a week! I have been trying to contact TPG by online chat (as this is the only way to contact TPG support at the moment as no phone support is available. Someone answered me on Monday and said that the modem was at the Brisbane Local post office. I said are you sure as this is not my local post office if I missed the delivery which I highly sought I did as I’ve been working from home all week! They then said that they are investigating my modem delivery and that in the meantime, they would reconnect my ASDL connection so that I have internet to use while I wait for the modem investigation. They said to try my adsl after 5pm NSW time that day and that someone would contact me in a few days about my missing modem. I HAVE NOT BEEN CONNECTED TO ADSL AND I HAVE NOT BEEN CONTACTED BY TPG REGARDING MY MODEM. In the meantime, I have not been able to work. I am a solicitor and I require internet at the bare minimum to work. I Have tried to contact TPG EVERYDAY since by online chat to no success. It keeps saying that you are assisting other customers. I have therefore had to connect another internet connection to work. TPG has given me a huge run around which has impacted my livelihood on top of the impacts I’ve suffered from the covid-19 situation. I Have lost money, wasted my time and resources because of this mess. I need to cancel my TPG nbn plan ASAP so someone please contact me or someone please point me in the direction to contact TPG!!