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I ordered relocation on the 22nd of Jan, on the 28th I called to find out why I was told I had a Syntax Error on my account which they fixed over the phone and was told another 24 - 48hrs and I'll be connected, I called again on the 4th and got told that it's going to go to the Technical dept supervisor and I could get connected within 30min - 1hr or by the end of today at the latest, I woke up this morning (5th of Jan) to still no connection. so I ring again and get told it could take another 24 - 48hrs.


I over this, if this isn't sorted out by 8 am AEST 7th of January 2022, I'm going to close my account and go to Optus who have the exact same "Ultrafast 200mbps unlimited" plan I'm on here but for $99.00/m instead of paying $124.99/m and Optus gives you a static IP address, not DHCP unlike TPG provides to which I've inquired about 4yrs ago asking TPG if I could get a Static IP and got told "It will cost you an extra $70/m" that's on top of the $89.99/m that I was paying for on my NBN100 plan 4yrs ago.


I'm really beginning to believe TPG just isn't making an effort to change with the customers and they just don't care.

DHCP IPs is old and in this day of COVID and people are required to work from home, a Static IP address is something we REQUIRE to remote in back and forth between home -> office or office -> home.


well that enough of my ranting so TLDR, TPG get with it listen to your customers heck list to your customers that are gamers, Optus did and now they provide specific "Gamer/Streamer NBN Plans" for gamers and gamers who stream to Twitch/You Tube.


smh rant done


Hi @dlax1984


We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that the service is online.


We appreciate your feedback as it will help us to improve our service. This will be forwarded to our management for them to review it.


Let us know if you need further assistance.