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Want to join TPG NBN but they say they cannot find my address

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Hello, I have been with TPG FTTB for several great years, but my father recently passed away so I am in the process of moving.

I wish to stay with TPG, however when I contacted them with my new address details they said they cannot find it on the NBN site, the area is Erskineville and from what I have seen, NBN is availabe in the area.

It is one apartment in a dual story dwelling of four apartments.
There is a phone line, but I do not think it is active.
I have heard that having my coordinants would help, will it?

I require stable speedy internet for educational and telehealth reasons, so wirelss is not suitable.

I hope this can be sorted some way.






We're sorry to learn about your father's passing. 


We very much appreciate your intent in staying with us and we'd be glad to help! 


Please send us the TPG details via private message to check if we can proceed with the transfer of ownership as well as to check the availability of the new address you'll be moving to. 


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community 


We'll wait to hear from you.