What is going on?

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I still have "Payment
We are currently processing your payment. We'll be in touch if we run into any trouble!" showing as well as
"We will kick start your installation once payment has been processed." showing on my Check Installation Progress page even though the whole $10 fee for changing over from ADSL2 to NBN was taken out of my bank account yesterday. When I was talking to the Tpg rep I was told I would be given a way to track the parcel but there is not any info on the above mentioned screen about parcel tracking, it would be easy enough for me to stay home on the day that the parcel is delivered to my place as long as I can use star track expresses tracking number. Will I get sent the number or do I have to develop and use ESP? So much for being treated as a valued customer, more like treated like a mushroom, kept in the dark and fed manure

Hi @DerrynH


I've reviewed the records of your account and can see that the payment for the shipping fee of the modem is still currently in progress. 


Direct debit payment will take 3-4 working days for the payment to post. This includes processing from our end and from the bank’s end. As soon as we received the payment, then the delivery of the modem will commence. 


The delivery to metro areas and major towns takes 1 to 2 working days, while the delivery to rural and remote areas takes 2 to 4 working days.


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Erica this Sounds like an excuse, as I mentioned the money has been transfered out of my account to TPGs account. No business would put up with waiting for money for 4 days when the money was paid in to the company's bank on the same day. Even using the terminology of "post" instead of transfered makes it Sound like you do not have a clue about how money is moved between banks. Also an international check takes four business days to clear because of the fact that the paying bank ensures that the check is not counterfeit and that the signature is not forged. Essentially the excuse does not make sense many ways. My bank reported the transfer was successful two days ago, not admit it and get to work or I will go somewhere where I am not lied to all the time and do not make excuses all the time.

Hi @DerrynH, unlike card transactions, Direct Debit is not an instant payment method. Payments take at least 3-4 working days to clear on our end, this is our standard processing time. For instant payment you may consider using a credit card. 

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@Erica As you are full of lies and deceit I am getting sick and tired of hearing back from you. the only difference between "card" payment and "direct debit" is NOTHING BECAUSE THEY BOTH ARE ELECTRONIC BANK TRANSFERS. The bank receives an order for the payment and transfers the money to the bank of the payee, How do you think places can do next day delivery?. What stands out and let's me know that you are lying is that you say it could take 4 working days. Have you ever transfered money to a family member of friend from your bank? If you had you would know that it would never take more than 1 day to clear and some banks it takes less than that, also you would know that once your bank said the payment was made that the other person has got the money, my bank app Shows the payment was made on Friday, it is not pending. I put up with your company's sludge net for over two years as well as the poorly trained staff telling myself that NBN will make things better, I am very close to going to a company that does not treat their customers like mushrooms.