When will my NBN start?

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I go NBN equipment last friday, but I haven't got the e-mail of rediness confirmaiton. Can I access to NBN already? Or should I wait for while?


Thank you

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You can give it a go. If not working, reconnect your previous equipment and give it a couple of more days.


Hi@masanoriijiri ,Level 1



Your FTTC NBN service appears to be ready.

Just unplug any exisitng modem or filter or phones out of sockets.

Plug in (using the supplied "B" cord) the NBN NCD (White box) to the wall socket.

This will click away for 15 minutes or so and LEDS should go Blue colour eventually.


Whilst its doing this Plug in your modem see below for helpful tips on this.


Watch our short video guide on how to set up your NBN FTTC service. Visit https://link.tpg.com.au/hgzDYj "