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Why does it take so long to have NBN ready?

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NBN in our area (Panania NSW) has been postponed so many times. Fortunately, NBN has recently come to our area to do the pit work and laid the green cable (optic). I can see them done all the cable at the pit in front of our house on 28th of June 2019 but checking the NBN website, it said "NBN will be available between Oct-Dec 2019". Checking TPG site, TPG estimated "1st of Nov" that NBN will be ready.

I wonder why does it take 4 months since the cable laid until NBN available? Is this a standard rate of NBN progress? Is there a way to have NBN speed up?

Our area is mostly Optus cable and the Internet has been so terrible for a long time.



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Hi @dieu


Welcome to the Community! 


NBN Co has approximate construction times for the network, but as each area of the rollout is unique and comes with distinct obstacles and variables, these time frames are indicative and subject to change. Unfortunately these delays do occur and regrettably we are unable to influence the release of NBNCo network.


If you are already a TPG customer,  we send notifications via mail once your address is ready to connect. You may also register your interest to this link:


Feel free to let us know should you have further queries or requires assistance. 



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