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Why my NBN install got rescheduled without any explanation

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Hello there,


Why my NBN install what I waited for 3 weeks and supposed to happen today got re-sheduled? I have got at least 20 reminder sms earlier from you guys and NBN co and nothing. Got an sms at 11:55AM, that it has been rescheduled for 20th May. No explanation or sorry, nothing. I managed to change it to 27th April in the meantime, but it is will 11 days to go.

My 300 dollars were taken long time ago, my credit card is still charged for the old connection what I can't use anymore. How am I supposed to work from home?



Hi trevesz72,


Thanks for contact TPG,


I review your installation on NBN portal, unfortunately this is a new development area, NBN found some issues on the installation process. We are waiting for the new appointment day for NBN outcome.

We will update if for any changes.