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Will my TP LINK Archer VR 1600v modem work with NBN FTTP connection?

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I am moving from a NBN FTTN setup to a FTTP setup? The new unit I am moving to already has a NBN Connection Box inside the unit. 

Will my TPG provided modem - a TP LINK Archer VR 1600v ver- 1.0 - work in this new FTTP premises?  Are there any setup changes that I will have to take care of on the modem?


I look forward to your assistance. 







Hi @gana ,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Yes, you may be able to use the TP-Link Vr1600v to your NBN FTTP service. You just need to change the modem from the modem/router to Wireless router only.


To configure VR1600 for FTTP, follow these instructions. (Given that you are able to login to your modem interface)


  1. Click on Advanced tab.
  2. Click on Network => EWAN (It should look like below)


















    3. Untick the Enable check box next to VLANID.

    4. Enter the account username and password of your current provider. Click Save in the bottom right.




















Please take note that if you process the relocation with us, we will provide you a new router for your TPG FTTP service for free. You'll only be paying for the $10 shipping fee of the device.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.