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Hey so I bought a netgear night hawk and am having alot of trouble setting it up. My night hawk is only a router so I still want to use my tpg nbn modem/router, but only for a modem. I have had a few conversation with netgear amd havent been able to get it to get internet. I have had a few conversations with tpg and just haven't really had the time to go through it with them 100% yet due to work and other commitments. If anyone can assist me without me having to sit on the phone with tpg that wpuld be an excellent help and very much appreciated. My tpg nbn is an AC1600 and my netgear is a nighthawk x6 AC3200



For this to work you first need to put the TP-Link VR1600v in Bridge Mode.



Steps to put TP-Link VR1600v into Bridge Mode.


Login to the TPG modem via a Web Browser. Default IP address is

Username: admin

Password: admin


Once logged in go to:

On top select "Advanced" tab

On left-hand side "Network"”

Under Network then select  "DSL"

Delete both existing VDSL connections you see here.


Create a new connection with the following settings:


DSL Modulation type:  VDSL

VLAN ID:  Enable

VLAN ID (1-4094):  2

Internet connection type:  Bridge


Save the settings



You now must connect an Ethernet Cable between LAN1 on the TP-Link VR1600 and the Blue WAN port on your Netgear Modem


TPG do not offer support for 3rd party devices but you just need to create a PPPoE Internet connection on your Netgear modem and the only details you need under this is your TPG Username and Password.



If after doing all of this and you still cannot get it to work. Complete the following on the TP-Link VR1600 to get everything back to where you were before you started.

Using a Pen or sharp object. Press and hold the reset button in for about 20 seconds until you see the Lights on the modem turn off, then release and the modem to restart.


Connect your phone line back to the DSL port on the modem and wait around 30 minutes.

The modem will automatically reconfigure itself with your credentials then allow Internet access.


I hope this helps, good luck.




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What do you mean by create a PPPoE connection? I put in my tpg user name and password and applied but nothing changed, any other ideas?

Hello Murdock2018,

Thank you for your message and for being a part of the TPG Community.

I have attached the Manual for your modem, if you go to Page 23 (Specify an Internet Connection That Uses a Login) and follow the procedure you will see PPPoE.

I hope that helps