cost of connecting nbn

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Can you tell me how much it costs to connect the nbn. Do we have to approach nbn or can TPG do the required installation?


Hi juliar


Welcome to TPG Community! 


Our best NBN bundle deal at present is our Unlimited Data Plan configured on the Fast NBN50 speed tier.


We are literally selling hundreds of these plans each day as they provide:

1. Unlimited data with a Typical Evening Speed of 44.5Mbps which is great for multiple users at the same time, HD streaming and gaming.

2. Home phone is included so you can bring across your existing number if you have one.

3. A great Dual Band AC WiFi modem is included and;

4. We can waive the usual $99 connection fee if you take an 18 month contract.

This plan is only $69.99 per month.


You may send your service address via private message so we can check what type of NBN service is available in your area.


Let us know if you would like to speak with one of our NBN specialists so I can also organise a call back to be made to discuss your options further.