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fixed wireless broadband and home phone

Level 1c

My understanding is that with fixed wireless broadband the old copper wire lines are retained. Following installation of FW broadband my previous ADSL 2 service was discontinued which resulted in my old copper wire phone connection also going. My question is why the old lines cannot still be used for voice calls thus preserving my home phone and extensions and avoiding the need to set up VOIP base and extensions?


Hi @ronscholes,


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The plan for NBN installation & copper line decommissioning is made by the government and is implemented by NBN Co. Once NBN is active on certain areas the existing copper network will be switched off.


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Level 1c

Thank you. I understand the copper wire switch off is NOT part of fixed wireless NBN and therefore I expected my copper wire service to continue. Someone has their wires crossed.


You're welcome, @ronscholes. Please be advised that TPG do not have control on copper wires

You can visit this link to learn more details about switching to NBN service.