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tech visit yesterday to connect to NBN using HFC. Said he could not do as there was no socket pre wired in house. (we used to have foxtel, but the cabling for this was removed during major renos, Foxtel where told at the time that cabling internally would be removed) Not sure what and why I have to run the coax myself. What is my nexxt step?

Hi horse,

That sounds really strange as NBN should be doing this. The possible issue is the address may of been marked a different service class and they sent the wrong techs perhaps?

I would recommend calling customer service and advise them of this and for them to raise a service request to change your address to the correct service class.

Once NBN has completed this then you should be able to rebook the appointment with the correct technicians.

Best of luck!

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We are not happy position of the nbn connecter in the house.

I'd like change the plan from .109 to 99.