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Nbn installation with phone service

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What’s the meaning of this

acceptance of this waiver of your rights & protections under the CSG will take effect in 5 working days from your registration date unless, before the expiry of that 5 working day period, you withdraw your waiver and communicate that withdrawal to TPG. If you do withdraw your waiver, TPG will not be able to supply the voice service to you.

Is that mean do i need to contact the phone company and asking withdrawal mu phone service
Or I don’t need to contact them ?????

Hi @Yousunchoi,


That email you received is a confirmation that you have the right to change your mind about agreeing to waive the customer service guarantee (which you agreed to when you registered with TPG) within 5 working days. 


If you're happy to continue with your TPG NBN order and you don't wish to change your mind about agreeing to waive the customer service guarantee, there's nothing you need to do but sit back and wait for your NBN service to be installed!


What is the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) Waiver?


The Customer Service Guarantee entitles you to receive compensation in a number of circumstances, including for example, where there is a delay in installing the service, or repairing a fault, or where we miss appointments. We believe our services represent excellent value compared to other suppliers in the market. The CSG legislation came into being years ago and, in our opinion, is outdated in today's telecommunications landscape, and its mandated compensation makes it difficult for providers to supply the best value services. Asking our customers to agree to waive the CSG doesn't change the fact that TPG will always do our best to provide you a quality service and a great experience, resolve any issues quickly and effectively, and provide reasonable compensation for service issues. Waiving the CSG just means that the compensation TPG may opt to provide you in certain circumstances isn't mandated to us.


Kind regards,

Joseph D