lnstallation date

Level 1d

I am waiting to hear from TPG regarding my installation I asked for a different day to what they suggested that was 3 days ago I have had no reply.. currently I have no internet disconnected from previous supplier waiting for TPG to advise.  I have tried ringing but that says do on line I tried online but that says we are busy try later. I have emailed customer service  I have emailed complaints . come on TPG I am a new customer thinking I made a mistake going to your company if I cant get any response from your company...

I can only send this message as I am hot spotting from my phone.... I need a answer asap

Level 2

Did you go to tpg.com.au/install to reschedule? I did that and had confirmation via sms the next day.

Level 1d
Yes I did that as there was option to re-schedule but when I put I my preferred time it said there was a problem.
I replied to SMS text could I have another date reply was I would be contacted soon no-one has contacted me. I just wish someone would reply either way.