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reconnect to a closer node

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When we had NBN broadband installed and connected the closest node was 1.4km away. The installer told us that there was a future node being installed outside our neighbours house, approx 50m away. This has recently been installed. I have contacted TGP in regards to changing nodes and they directed us toward website to submit a request. We recieved an email back from recommending we need to get TPG to lodge a ticket as they are unable to move our services closer. Who is responsible for changing nodes???


Hi @sgupps,

Welcome to TPG Community!


Thank you for reaching out to us and we're sorry to hear about the experience. We've managed to locate your account using your Commmunity details and one of our Case Manager will be calling you to discuss the Node concern. 


Should you have a preferred time and number of contact, please let us know via PM. 


We look forward hearing from you.