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self-installation not even an option?

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for some reason self-installation is available in my street (telstra customers are able to do self installation) but for TPG customers there isn't even the option available. instead i have had to wait for a technician to come and give me a box... I wasn't available for the first scheduled booking, they somehow screwed up the rebooking when i changed it, now i'm waiting for an extra month for the technician as this is the first available appointment after they turned up when i wasn't there.


Anyone else having this issue?


Telstra customers = happy

TPG customers = unhappy and waiting for no reason.


starting to wonder if someone in the scheduling department is getting kickbacks from the installation contractor, surely TPG couldn't be unintensionally wasting this much money to have a technican come twice when it wasn't necessary at all.

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Hi @brmoss Welcome to the community, what type of NBN are you having installed? If it's FTTN self installation is an option, if it's HFC or FTTC a technician will be required to make sure that everything meets safety, performance and legal requirements, especially in the case of FTTC because power from the subscribers premises is supplying a device external to the premises that will provide your service.

 I'm sure TPG would not be not be providing a technician if they didn't need to.

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Hi Orbistat,


I have FTTC in the area. Also seems Exetel is allowing self installation, takes a couple of days from the order to receive the NBN connection device from NBN then plug in, away you go.


  • Power?, because my current adsl doesn't use power?
  • i've already waved my legal rights as required by tpg to meet carrier obligations.
  • performance, i'm pretty sure i can test myself, and even if there is a problem, i could have the technican come after and they would save everyone a lot of time and money.
  • Safety - are you sure.

" I'm sure TPG would not be not be providing a technician if they didn't need to."

are you sure? seems to be a lot of evidence to the contrary, i even spoke to them last night, waited on hold for 10 minutes, they didn't know anything or were unable to tell me then tried to transfer me to the installation dept. who were closed at that time, message politely told me they were closed, no option to leave a message, so the phone call disconnected.


I don't think they have a clue what is going on.


here is the instructions from NBN, seems like it's pretty easy:


doesn't seem to be a problem here either


seems like i could switch to exetel now, pay no connection, get a free wifi, and pay $10 less a month and have it working 2 weeks earlier than TPG. only went with TPG as they are my current provder, guess the concept of loyalty reward is dead these days..


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@brmoss The link you provided to whirlpool is not relevant as it's about FTTN,

The link you provided to NBN clearly explains how the powering works, it's different to your ADSL, read it carefully.

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please explain

  1. what is specifically different between my next door neighbours FTTC installation and mine.
  2. how exactly have TPG "checked" to see if i need a technician to attend to rule out whether self-installation is possible.
  3. how you are sure they would not send someone unecessarily.

otherwise there is no point you responding.

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Quick question.

Is your ADSL still working?

If you'r ADSL still works it means that your house is still connected to the ADSL infrastructure.

An NBN Technician is needed to disconnect your house from the old ADSL infrastructure and connect it to the NBN Distribution Point Unit out side your house.

After that you can do all the end user equipment installation like the NBN NCD and the ISP provided Router.



Hi @brmoss,

Self installation is also available to TPG customers as well, on a personal level I prefer this one as well versus waiting for a technician.

NBN self installation is not available for everybody. The type of installation depends on the service class designated by NBN.

For NBN Fibre to the Curb (FTTC)*, there are 5 type of service classes.

NBN Technician appointment required.

  • Service Class 30 – NBN plans to install FTTC to the address but it is not yet available.

  • Service Class 31 – NBN FTTC is available, copper lead in* required, Distribution Point Unit (DPU)* installation required, Network Connection Device (NCD)* installation required.

  • Service Class 32 - NBN FTTC is available, DPU installation required, NCD installation required.

Self Installation possible.

  • Service Class 33 - NBN FTTC is available, NCD installation required.

    • TPG will send the NCD box together with the modem/router. The end user will connect these device inside the house. Service will be activated remotely.

    • Technician maybe sent out to investigate if records show that NCD was previously installed in the house.

  • Service Class 34 - NBN FTTC is available, NCD is installed.

    • TPG will send the modem/router. The end user will connect this device inside the house. Service will be activated remotely.


In your particular case, your installation is service class 32, this means that a technician needs to install or connect the DPU on the pit or pole, test the line to the socket and install the NCD in the house.

Since you were not not available on the initial installation appointment, our provisioning team has rescheduled it to NBNs next earliest available.


NBN FTTC – NBN Fibre to the Curb, an NBN technology where the Fibre Optic line is installed up to the pit or pole outside and is connected to the telephone copper line running to your house.

Copper Lead In – The phone/copper line running from the pit or pole upt to the house.

DPU - Distribution Point Unit, the device installed in the pit or pole. This is device connects the fibre optic line and copper cabling.

NCD - Network Connection Device a device

required inside the house, it provides power feed for the DPU.

The NCD is owned, supplied and assured by NBN. The NCD remains property of nbn and should not be removed from the house.