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two of the units in my apartment building have nbn and I don't

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Hi there,

So I live in an apartment bulding with 10 units. Out of which unit 7,8 and 9 have nbn connection and others don't. 
I am just amused as to why that has happened ? i asked the guy who has his unit NBN ready to connect and he said he hasn't even looked into it but nbn website says that his unit is NBN ready. 

I have ordered the NBN but I haven't recieved any information on how to go ahead with it. 

Currently,I'm renting and i was wondering on how to go about with this. Do i just sit and wait ? or Do i have to register with anyone ? ( apparently, I can't do it on nbn website) so that i could have the nbn box hooked up.


Hi @bodongaa


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Using your community details, I was able to pull up your current TPG account with us. Using the address noted in your account, I checked the serviceability of your address on NBNCo's records. In as much as I'd like to be the bearer of good news, your address is still tagged as Service Class 20 wherein your address is expected to have NBN HFC but is currently not serviceable yet.


I did check the other units you mentioned and you are correct, those are already tagged by NBNCo as NBN-ready. At this point, it's more of a waiting game for NBNCo to update their records. It's possible though that the needed infrastructure hasn't been laid out yet for the other units, hence the reason why yours and the other units' service classification hasn't been changed yet.


Since you already have an NBN pre-order, once the service classification for your address has been updated, your order will be entered into the system and you will be notified further.