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I just moved into my new address. Our modem was delivered a few days ago, however we can not find an NBN connection box in our house. 
How do we get one and/or how do we connect our modem to the NBN? and can you please check the status of my nbn installation?


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Your order is tagged as Service Class 24 by NBNCo which means that your address previously had NBN service. This means that there should be an existing NBN box on your premises. If the NBN box is missing, the possible explanations are the following:

  1. A mismatch of address which will result to a different Service Class tagging.
  2. Previous tenant may have accidentally brought the NBN box.

For us to have a better idea how we can get the service installed, can you send me a PM providing your complete address so we can compare it to the one shown in the order?


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Hi @ldj04225, thanks for your PM.


The address you have provided matches the details of the order we have lodged to NBN Co.


We'll raise your concern to our Provisioning Team and will have a case manager contact you to further discuss the matter.


Hi @ldj04225,


Our records show that our Provisioning Team was able to contact you and has already booked an appointment for the installation of the NTD.


Let me know if you have other questions or concerns.