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upgraded to NBN but you did not send the NCD with the modem. Do we require this?

Level 2
Level 2

Some time ago, we newly upgraded from ADLS to NBN when it became available in our area. You sent to us a new modem but no NCD. We have FTTC - do we required the NCD? 


Later on you upgraded our modem as the model was outdated/not compatible (you did not notify us, only by chance i was calling regarding another issue) and still no NCD mentioned or sent.


Am confused. Your video tutorial states we need this. Please advise. Have we not been receiving the level of internet we have been paying for all this time? Does this explain why our service/connection has been so bad? 


Hi @Kas


We actually do not send the NCD for NBN FTTC applications unless it has been identified as missing for some addresses where is it was pre-installed by NBN co. Do you have an active service with us? Send me a PM with your TPG customer ID or username.

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